February 3, 2014

About Us

About The Potten End Ballet School

The one specialist Ballet School in the area providing outstanding and imaginative classes to children from two and three-quarter years right up to eighteen years of age. Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and plenty of exciting opportunities  to perform in productions. All productions are especially choreographed for the students, recent examples include “Born To Dance”, “Balletic Variations”, “The Degas Painting”, “Hooray For Hollywood”.

Inspiring Adult Ballet classes for all levels, including Beginners, and all ages particularly the more mature “silver swans” are also taught at The Potten End Ballet School. (see Adult Ballet page).

There is an exceptional continuity of training at The Potten End Ballet School because every class,of all levels, is taught by principal Juliet Tschaikowsky.

” I get to know the students and their parents really well as I often teach the children for many years and see them develop into young adults with a passion for ballet that I know will last a lifetime! There really is an exceptional family feel to our Ballet School.” Juliet Tschaikowsky.

Unusually for a dance school  The Potten End Ballet School welcomes parents into the studio to watch all the younger children’s classes or if they wish to sit in the comfortable adjoining lobby where they can easily view the students through glass doors

“As a parent watching through the glass doors, I love seeing the children being transported into the exciting and magical world Juliet conjurs up”! Frannie Verney-Kershaw.

Regular “Parent’s Day’s” are also held, inviting families of older students to watch lessons. “I think it’s important for parent’s to feel able to watch classes so they can feel really confident in the quality of teaching being offered to their children” Juliet Tschaikowsky.

Juliet trained for six years at Tring Park School for The Performing Arts, two years at Elmhurst School for Dance and one year at Rosella Hightower’s Dance Studio in Cannes, France.

After working professionally as a dancer and most notably a choreographer Juliet set up ballet schools in France, Germany, Australia and then England. With her experience in choreography Juliet is passionate about creating dances to inspire her students, often creating a piece for a particular child in mind.

Juliet comes from a family involved in the arts with several generations of musicians and composers, her grandfather worked with Diaghilev in the legendary Ballet Russes.

The Potten End Ballet School does not have more than 150 pupils at any one time, limiting the numbers ensures every class is taught by Juliet, but places do regularly become available for new students as children move up to higher grades and older pupils leave to go to university.

So if you are interested in The Potten End Ballet School please contact Juliet. You will be warmly welcomed into the studio, invited to watch classes and offered a trial lesson so you or your children can experience this magical world of ballet.

Classes are taught in a beautiful studio with wooden sprung floors, wall barres and large portable mirrors. There are comfortable changing and waiting areas and a large free car park.