August 10, 2014

Ballet Choreography

Choreographic Competition For Grade One Ballet Pupils

When my Chihuahua”Fifi” went missing and I found her nestled inside a pale blue tutu it gave me a great idea for a new dance to the fabulous George Gershwin piece of music ” Walking The Dog”.

During the last week of the Summer Term our Grade One ballet pupils donned feather boa’s, gloves, hats and with their imaginary dog’s pretended to promenade around a luxury cruise-liner.I created the story line and suggested a few steps but they choreographed their own dances with wonderful mimes – one girl stepped aside and applied a touch of powder to her nose and lipstick to her mouth, another told her dog off for not behaving properly!

There was so much imagination and creativity in their choreography that the audience and I agreed they were all  winners of this particular competition!

Fifi In A Tutu

Fifi In A Tutu