July 30, 2014

Adult Outings To the Ballet

Elderflower Adult Ballet Students Trip To Swan Lake

In April, after sipping champagne and eating nibbles, fifteen of my  adult ballet pupils and I excitedly boarded a mini-bus that was to be our  carriage to the London Palladium to see the latest version of  Swan Lake  – “LAC (after Swan Lake)”.

The combination of the glorious music of Tchaikovsky and the innovative and exciting choreography of Jean-Christophe Maillot ( who I note trained as I did at The Rosella Hightower  International School of Dance in Cannes) was very, very exciting and inspiring. The ending when a large piece of grey silk fell upon the leading dancers and then continued to swirl round and around them and then disappear with no-one underneath it was as if the two dancers had disappeared in a puff of smoke! We were left spell-bound and unable to come to our senses and applaud for a moment or two!

I was slightly anxious about taking my adult pupils to this new version of Swan Lake,would they approve of my choice? But just a few minutes into the first act and I knew I could relax! Although Petipa’s original version could never be bettered “LAC” was so exciting,elegant,new and with such stunning costumes we all left the theatre full of enthusiasm for our return to the ballet studio.

There were a lot of requests for exercises and “enchainments” to Swan Lake’s music in the Summer Term!

The next Elderflower Adult Ballet trip will be to The Opera House,Covent Garden hopefully over the Christmas period, production to be announced- we will keep you posted!