March 11, 2014

Frannie Verney-Kershaw – Mother of Eliza & Matilda Testimonial

“I can’t recommend Potten End Ballet School highly enough! I have two girls and they have both loved their time under Juliet’s tuition (for 5 and 3 years). Both my girls have gained huge confidence by taking part in Juliet’s classes and as a result, they now have a lifelong love of dance.

Juliet manages to combine fun and learning in a unique and magical way, producing stunning results. Within the classes, each child learns at their own pace and lack of concentration is very rare as the children are all eager to learn the next step, deftly demonstrated by Miss Juliet. She uses a huge repertoire of music and choreographs the dances beautifully and originally, often with individual children in mind.

As a parent watching through the glass doors, I love watching the girls being transported into the exciting and magical world which Juliet conjures up through her unique blend of inspirational teaching, enthusiastic encouragement and expert demonstration.”

Frannie Verney – Kershaw, mother of Eliza and Matilda

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