October 9, 2013

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet at The Potten End Ballet School

It’s Never Too Late To Dance!

Wether you danced as a child or are a complete beginner there is a class for you at The Potten End Ballet School where it really is never too late to dance! Ballet lessons are a fantastic way to tone, stretch, improve posture and core strength and build up fitness in a graceful and uplifting way with inspiring classical music encouraging you all the way.

In 2012 I was approached by a lovely lady who had studied ballet throughout her childhood and had yearned during her adult years to return to the ballet studio.

Inspired by the “Silver Swans” programme at The Royal Academy of Dance and the “Elders of Sadlers Wells” in London, who give adults of all ages the chance to dance and fulfill a creative need, she asked if I would be interested in creating something similar in Potten End.

Together with  a lot of enthusiasm, we created the “Elderflowers” ballet classes at The Potten End Ballet School for women and men, currently with ages ranging from 25 to 76 years. Some of the members studied ballet as children while others come to us with no experience, but we all share the same desire to express ourselves through music and movement and our love of dance.

Classes commence with a series of exercises to stretch and lengthen our bodies and correct posture alignment, then we move to the barre for the next series of exercises designed to strengthen and warm up different muscle groups, now completely warmed up we move to the centre to work on balance before losing ourselves in the sheer joy of dancing to wonderful ballet music, class comes to an end with a round of applause and the realisation that physically and mentally we are now quite refreshed. Beginner Classes and Improver Classes are available for all levels.

” It’s wonderful to be dancing again 

” A dream has come true 

“After only one term my body feels so much stronger and supple and my balance has improved”.

“It’s the highlight of my week”

….. just some of the comments I hear at the end of class, but it is also one of the highlights of my week! After lessons we all leave the studio thoroughly uplifted and with a new found spring in our step!– Juliet Tschaikowsky

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