April 20, 2019



At the beginning of April our Grade One and Grade Two Pupils put on a performance of “The Buskers” to a delighted audience who were highly entertained as it was a very comic ballet with some delightful miming from our students!

Three of the students took the part of the Buskers (one inspired by Stevie Wonder in his dark glasses) making music in the street while shoppers stopped to be entertained. An old lady came limping along with the help of her granddaughter and when no-one was looking slipped into an outrageous outfit from her bag and then to her granddaughter’s embarrassment started to dance the “Twist” from her youth in the 60’s – every one was amazed! It wasn’t long before everyone was doing the “Twist” and there was a party in the street! Now the Granny showed her true colours when she crept up to the hat with the Buskers money it, grabbed it and made her get away! The Buskers started to chase her, the granddaughter ran behind and the shoppers couldn’t believe what they had seen but the audience nearly fell off their chairs they were laughing so much!

“We have had so much fun rehearsing this dance throughout the Spring Term and then the highlight of performing it in April, we are all now looking forward to the next performance with an entirely different dance!” Juliet Tschaikowsky (Principal)