About The Potten End Ballet School

December 15, 2013

About The Potten End Ballet School

The one Dancing School in the Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead area specialising purely in Ballet, providing outstanding and imaginative Children’s ballet classes from two and three-quarter years right up to eighteen years, and Adult’s classes for all ages but particularly the more mature “silver swans”.

Children’s classes are a combination of Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, free work and choreographed dances, with plenty of opportunities to dance in productions.

Adult’s classes for Beginner and Improvers are a combination of stretching, barre and centre work, which promote good posture, core strength, balance and a general sense of well being.

” Our youngest pupils can be taken into an imaginary Fairy Land one week, onto a Pirate Ship the next as they are introduced to the world of ballet in their weekly classes, it is here a love for music and dance begins that we hope will last a lifetime”! Juliet Tschaikowsky (Principal)

“As a parent watching through the glass doors, I love seeing the children being transported into the exciting and magical world Juliet conjurs up”! Frannie Verney-Kershaw.


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