March 11, 2019


Potten End Ballet Students Board The Pirate Ship!

Our Pre-Primary and Primary children aged 4-7yrs have been very excited in their classes at The Potten End Ballet School in Berkhamsted recently because Maria Hardcastle our Lower School Teacher has been taking them on an amazing, magical Pirate Adventure!

“Scrub the decks” the Captain Maria calls out and the children drop to their knees!

“Clamber down the ropes” and down the children pretend to climb from the ship!

“Row the boat” and back and forth the children go with their imaginary oars!

“Now on shore let’s read read our Treasure Map” excited gasps are uttered as Maria unscrolls the map!

“Ah-ha through the telescope I see a box of treasure look” Maria points it out!

The Captain Maria opens The Treasure Box to gasps of delight from the children and hands out something special to each and every one -a tiara,  a wand, fairy wings, a silk scarf, a a Pirate’s hook and with their bounty our Ballet Students create their very own imaginative dance!

“Please, Please Maria can we dance the “Pirate Ship” again next week when we come to our Ballet Lesson?”

I think our Pre-Primary and Primary children may just have to board the Pirate Ship for a little bit longer!

Juliet Tschaikowsky